Citrix - GoToTraining Webinar

03/11/15 09:00 – 03/11/15 18:00

To help you understand GoToTraining and how you can better refer it, we recently hosted a partner webinar about this powerful online training solution. As part of our ongoing Referrals as a Service (RaaS) series, the webinar offered advice on everything from which features you should focus on to where you can find promising leads. 

If you have customers interested in easy online training, this webinar will bring you up to speed so you can position yourself as an expert and earn more commission – up to 25 percent of the sale.                                                                                                          

Here are some highlights:
  • Popular features, positioning details and customer data
  • Driving interest in the product and passing along referrals
  • The competition and how GoToTraining compares
View this webinar recording to learn more about GoToTraining.
For more information contact our Citrix team