F5 - Simplify Your Journey to the Cloud

18/06/15 09:00 – 18/06/15 18:00


When considering a hybrid cloud model for application delivery, organisations face many challenges. Some companies experiment with cloud provider services to meet their application performance, availability, and security needs, only to find that the services offered lack maturity – features, functionality, and effectiveness – in comparison to what they are accustomed to.

Attend this webinar to explore how you can take your existing services and policies directly to the cloud and learn how to:

  • Build a cloud strategy as an extension to your data center strategy
  • Design and implement application services for automation, management, and visibility
  • Deploy application services and protect them wherever they reside
Download the white paper Reduce Risk and Simplify the Journey to the Cloud to find out how you can implement a hybrid cloud architecture without compromising security.

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