7 must-do’s for data encryption in the cloud

7 must-do’s for data encryption in the cloud

Encryption has been a top tool in the information security toolkit for decades, but it requires re-evaluation in the face of the digital transformation we are witnessing today. In its traditional form, encryption is a resource-intensive process that often creates nearly as many challenges as it solves. 


But today it can be leveraged by enterprises that are looking to take advantage of modern technologies to redefine their data protection strategy and, in the process, evolve security from a necessary safeguard to a business enabler. To achieve this you need to consider these seven encryption criteria


1: Exercise discretion

Be selective of the information that you choose to encrypt – which of your company data is truly sensitive? A discretionary and selective approach to encryption secures sensitive data without interfering with the benefits of emerging technologies.


2: Align with corporate security policy

Look to your existing enterprise security policy to assess what sensitive information may exist within your environment and use this information as a foundation of your encryption strategy.


3: Automation-ready encryption

Leverage security technologies to identify sensitive content within the enterprise, and use encryption as a remediation tool for especially risky incidents.


4: Factor in the human element

Modern technology demands that security initiatives must factor in the needs of the end users. A corporate security program should not interfere with workflows or be too invasive or employees may reject it or completely bypass is with their own mobile devices.


5: The cloud is everywhere

The question is no longer when organisations are adopting cloud technologies, it’s how. The challenges associated with data encryption in the cloud are due to three phenomena: the explosion of data in the cloud, the expectations of the modern user and the criticality of preserving native cloud functionality. In the last two years there has been tremendous growth in the number of files stores in public cloud applications, you need to be selective about what you encrypt.


6: Adaptive architecture

Contemporary encryption strategies must be compatible with the cloud-first mentality many organisations are adopting to enable their workforce with the best tools available.


7: Encryption is just the beginning

While the value of encryption is substantial, security professionals must avoid the seductive appeal of relying solely on encryption. It’s best to compliment an encryption strategy with additional best practices for a holistic security programme.


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