Bimodal IT security for business

Bimodal IT security for business


Andrew Potgieter, security solutions director at Westcon-Comstor Southern Africa


Balancing business stability and the imminent innovation set to shake the foundations of many businesses, thanks to digitisation means that businesses can’t stick to the same security solutions they’ve become accustomed to.


The bimodal world we are living and doing business in requires businesses to invest in flexible security solutions that are capable of extending from the cloud, to on-premise infrastructure, to the end user. The explosion of devices in most business networks makes end point security very important, but even more so is data centre and infrastructure security because these fight off threats from within the business, which is why we are seeing a growing interest in agentless, cloud-based security and mobile device management.


This means that today’s network security products need to safeguard both the data centre and the end user, giving customers the peace of mind that their private and hybrid clouds are secure enough that they can push innovation through devices and ensure that products are secure so that they can deliver innovative apps to the end user/customer.


In short, businesses must change to way that they think about and execute security within the business if they hope to maintain stability in security as well as innovate to include security for the digital era.


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