Can SMBs handle a device explosion?

The CEO of Dell, Michael Dell, recently predicted that the average user will interact with ten devices on a daily basis by 2020.


This means that businesses will be forced to expand their networks to accommodate the influx of devices, especially in the face of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and the IoT (Internet of Things).


But how will SMBS (small to medium businesses) that do not have on-site technical staff cope with the necessary network expansion?


Some may choose to hire IT specialists while others will rely on services of an outside company but according to Linksys, the wise will ask these critical questions before determining the most appropriate technologies for the business:

-       Are we building a new communications network or expanding an existing one?

-       What business problems are we trying to solve with the communications network?

-       Will the business need help in building or expanding the network, and if so, where can it obtain the expertise?

-       How quickly do we expect the business to grow and how much expansion or flexibility do we need to plan for?

-       What applications can make my business more efficient and more competitive?

-       How much will the communications network or new technology cost, both in terms of equipment and ongoing services?


You as a partner to small business owners, need to start providing solutions that offer robust, flexible, cost effective solutions to meet the needs of your customers and that is specifically designed for the small business. This means there is an opportunity for you here to help your customers do the necessary research, before deciding how they should expand their network to accommodate the impending explosion of devices.


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