Change your approach to security today

The move to cloud computing, on and off premise infrastructure, the Internet of Things (IoT) all call for more robust physical and data security systems.


Today security is still one of the key purchase decisions made by CIOs each year, it tops the list of budget meetings, and is starting to move from being a grudge purchase to being a key business consideration.


Today the main influencers when making these decisions is not just securing the end points in your business, but ensuring that these end points are interoperable, that they can communicate across multiple environments, and that they not only protect devices and infrastructure, but that they more importantly ensure you are able to protect your corporate identity too.


So what do your customers need to consider when mapping out a new security policy for themselves? There are three key areas that beg consideration:

  • Physical infrastructure (access control and physical security systems)
  • Virtual assets and data (data centre and even end user entry and exit points)
  • The cloud


A new approach to security requires a certain amount of maturity in the thinking of business. You need to deploy an overarching security policy for all of the above three, the true advantages of which can be evidenced by layering your approach to implementation, as opposed to compartmentalising it into silos. The more layers you add, the more difficult it is for someone to “get in”, from both a physical and electronic point.


The future of security will see the marriage of the physical, data, networking and virtual components of your customer’s security defence layers. The next step will be the use of analytics to derive information about all of these aspects of the business that will then allow you to better analyse, report and ultimately prevent threats.


So where can you start? Ask your customer:

What do you as a business need to protect and how do you deter people from getting to these?


Then once this is defined:

Build a single security policy that marries business, operational and IT needs.


The rest will start falling into place.


For more information on the full spectrum of Security Solutions and offerings from WestconGroup, contact Andrew Potgieter.



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