Cloud Solutions - Defending yourself in the IoT era

So you’ve got a watch that connects to your connected fridge and can open your front door from your mobile phone. But are you safe in this new interconnected world?


The Internet of Things (IoT) is pushing the limits of what day-to-day objects can do for you, and what your devices can do in conjunction with objects. But in this landscape it is vital to remember that anything that’s connected to the Internet is at risk of falling victim to cybercriminal attacks - as the IoT grows so do the avenues of attack at a cybercriminal’s disposal.


You need to think about security for every connected device in the same way you would think about insuring every asset you own.


WestconGroup Southern Africa’s vendor partner Symantec has released a whitepaper on its easy-to-deploy Security Reference Architecture for the IoT. The architecture rests on five fundamental tenets to securing yourself against the vast majority of threats in the IoT:

  1. A strong trust model for IoT
  2. Protecting the code that drives the IoT
  3. Safely and effectively managing the IoT
  4. Effective host-based protection for IoT
  5. Security analytics to address threats beyond the above countermeasures


So as you explore all the new and exciting opportunities that the IoT has to offer just remember not to let your security awareness slip.

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