Digital dabbling is not enough for business survival

Digital dabbling is not enough for business survival

By Leane Hannigan, cloud solutions director at Westcon-Comstor Southern Africa
Forrester’s predictions for 2016 on the critical success factors for businesses that hope to survive in the “age of the customer” point toward a truth we’ve seen coming for a while: the future of successful businesses is digital.

But that success is dependent on the way that businesses implement digital tech and digital strategies in their organisation. Simply dipping their fingertips into the sea of digital technologies and focusing on “shiny, front-end digital objects” will in fact send businesses down the wrong path beyond 2016.

According to the research firm, experiments in internal labs around digital opportunities like the Internet of Things or mobile wallets and payments, will distract businesses from the work needed to “break down the institutional, organisational, and cultural barriers” that would speed up digital journeys.

For businesses to reach the digital stage they need to be able to win in the “age of the customer” digital needs to be embedded into all parts of business and be leveraged to “harmonise virtual and human…experiences, and be able to rapidly shift to meet the hyperadoption/hyper-abandonment behaviour of customers.”

The leaders in business in 2016, according to Forrester – and a lot of the day to day proof we see around us – will be the businesses with C-level execs that make digital a core driver of business transformation and do not simply invest to “decorate” business with digital tools or experiences. 

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