Enabling innovation through the devices in your business

Enabling innovation through the devices in your business                  


By Kevin Norton, Mobility Solutions Director at Westcon-Comstor Southern Africa


While infrastructure teams are trying to keep the lights on in business, there is also the need to ensure that business has the devices required to enable better workflow and increased productivity in what Gartner has described as Bimodal IT.


Mobile devices that are designed for specific purposes and use cases like manufacturing, transport or logistics, integrate seamlessly into your business’s infrastructure without you having to develop APIs of bespoke systems to make them talk to each other.


You don’t have to crowbar devices like Zebra’s mobile computers onto your environment, they will integrate into your environment. This removes the need for IT teams to spend large amounts of time trying to glue new devices into work environments and ensures that the devices you invest in are secure and speak to your business systems. 


This gives IT teams the freedom to investigate and use the information and intelligence that these devices are putting into the business systems to build better customer relationships and create improved customer experiences.  In short, they are able to innovate while the devices ensure that the business is smarter and more connected than ever before, ultimately keeping the lights on and keeping things running smoothly.


And before you know you know it, you’ll be operating in a Bimodal way.


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