Four things to consider when rolling out video

When it comes to customer service there is nothing quite like engaging with an actual human and nothing quite as infuriating as being caught in an endless loop of automated voice prompts.


Perhaps this is why offering video as an option in the contact centre has proven to be a powerful way to improve customer service for WestconGroup Southern Africa’s vendor partner Avaya.


Many other businesses are adopting or at least investigating the implementation of some form of video, because those that don’t, will struggle to catch up to their competitors. According to Avaya, a rise in Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores have confirmed the initial premise that video adds value to support and customers are happier when they engage in video conversations with agents in the contact centre.


To deploy video you need a strong infrastructure and a holistic cultural commitment by customers and agents. But before you deploy video in your contact centre here are Avaya’s four key considerations:


  1. Environment: You want your employee’s background in the video to be professional whether they are working from the office or remotely. Also consider branding and lighting.
  2. Appearance: Agents must look professional and presentable at all times – if your business culture is more casual then employees can dress appropriately.
  3. Acceptance: Expect resistance and questions from your contact centre agents. Commitment from the top of the organisation is imperative, as is training. Agents may not see the benefit of video until they are educated and the have been shown the benefits.
  4. HR/local regulations: After everything else is solved, success comes down to the company and its employees behind the agents. Consider any in-country regulations and work council rules for customers and employees that relate to audio/video recording and business operations.


These considerations can simplify the process of rolling out a successful video-based support programme. Happier agents are able to solve problems faster which leads to happier customers, and happier customers means more business.


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