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Where will CIOs spend their money in 2016?

Planning a company’s IT budget is probably one of the most stressful jobs there is. How do CIOs budget for something that could change tomorrow? They can’t. All they can do is rely on their own expertise and the expertise of those around them to guide them in the right direction.


The top five of things

In this issue of The Times we decided to look at the top five trends impacting various areas of the business. With the aim of helping you to better understand where you as our reseller partners should be pitching your business and providing you with a view of some of the “what’s hot” and “what’s not” trends. 


Terrified of the cloud? Or simply unsure of it?

The cloud is a terrifying place for some. That’s the word from a number of our resellers who are still grappling with how they can bring it into their business as well as mobilise it onsite at a customer. 


2016 - The year of change

Browsing through a couple of prediction reports for the next year makes one thing abundantly clear: The survival of businesses in 2016 will rest on their ability to transform. And transform quickly. 


What the customer wants

In the business of technology, things are changing all the time, but one thing that will remain the same forever is that the survival of a business rests on the experiences that it gives its customers. One bad experience could send a customer packing, regardless of how many good experiences you’ve given them. Which is why it is so important to stay in tune with your customers and what they want.


Your business to do list

If there’s one thing the IT industry is, it’s noisy, always shouting predictions and findings, with everyone sharing opinions on the things that businesses should be doing. That’s why in this edition of The Times, we’ve decided to simplify things for you by pin pointing the things that you should have on your business to do list. 


You are doing business in “age of the customer”

Sounds pretty obvious doesn’t it? We are all in business because we have a customer, but why then has Forrester Research recently released a paper on the things that businesses will need to pay attention to and/or change in the current market we’re facing, which the research firm has dubbed “age of the customer”. 



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