Government and The Age of the Customer

Government and The Age of the Customer


By Thapelo Rapetswa, Government and Service Provider business Director at Westcon-Comstor Southern Africa


Most governments have their set processes, services and procedures in place and it is no small feat to try and adjust them. What’s more is that these things are not usually designed with the customer (civilians) in mind, but are rather created around rules and regulations that’ve been followed for decades.


When we entered the time in the market when digitalisation became the new buzz word, I questioned whether our government would even acknowledge it. But I am happy to report that is has begun to change the way things are done through digitalisation.


Now, according to a recently released report from Forrester Research, we have entered a volatile time for businesses and indeed governments: “age of the customer”. It is a time in which customers know what they want, and they know multiple ways of getting it – at the touch of a button - so if you aren’t providing them the personalisation and experiences they desire, it is more than likely that they will take their business elsewhere.


In government, it may not be the same situation as government organisations are the only places to go to get certain citizen services, like drivers’ licences, ID books and other day to day must-have items. But it would be interesting – and I must add that I think it would vastly improve government services – if government moves more quickly to embrace the “age of the customer”. Happy citizens make for strong governments.


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