Government that better serves the citizen


By Thapelo Rapetswa, Government and Service Provider business Director 

Whenever the time comes to renew a driver’s license, apply for a visa or get an ID document, South Africans know that they better be prepared to stand in a queue for at least an hour, hoping with all their might that they have all the required documents with them. But what will the government of the future look like?


It’s a transformation that has already been set in motion in governments elsewhere in the world, and one that hopefully won’t take eons to reach our shores. It’s “Government as a Platform” or in other words, government services in the cloud that will reduce costs as well as open a gateway to unprecedented innovation. It will also give government more modern, flexible, and agile ways of delivering services to those who should matter most to it – the citizens.


Cloud is part of growing a ‘Government as a Platform’ initiative and it will lower barriers to standing up new capabilities. Imagine not having to go into Home Affairs to renew your license? Sounds amazing.


Cloud will enable government to better manage its mammoth amounts of data, and be more thoughtful and analytic about the way its services the citizen. Opening up access to data through cloud will assist government in improving internal operations as well as shed light on historically inefficient processes within government and highlight ways these can be remedied.


In addition, cloud makes it easier for agencies to deliver commodity-level services, such as email, which means focus will be shifted to things that are more transformative and innovative. Cloud is a platform that government will leverage in the future, to simplify internal processes, and deliver better services to the citizen. Who knows? There may come a time when we don’t even have to leave our chairs to renew a driver’s license.



Customer Service Team