Great customer experiences depend increasingly on mobility

By Kevin Norton, Mobility Solutions Director at Westcon-Comstor Southern Africa


Mobility is by no means new, but it is becoming increasingly important in many businesses to adopt even more mobile technology as customers are fast anticipating the ability to do everything via a mobile device.


From now on developing mobile apps for business will not be an afterthought but a requirement. Mobile payment apps are also increasing in popularity with consumers who are living fast-paced lifestyles and do not want to have to wait in queues any longer when they could just order ahead.


Take the retail sector for example, where the customer experience is being shaped increasingly by connectedness. Zebra Technologies reported that 56% of retailers will have guest Wi-Fi by 2017, which ensures that any gaps in connectivity are closed and that customers can always share and surf the Net while in store.


But having guest Wi-Fi is also beneficial to the retailer because it means that important information on the customer, such as how often they shop, when they shop and what they buy can be collected and used to personalise each guest’s shopping experience. As soon as a customer connects to the retailer’s network, personalised messages around specials on things that the customer usually buys can be sent to them, creating increased chances of making a sale.


The shopping experience gets even better for the customer when they have been browsing in a certain section of the shop and may be having difficulty making a choice about what to buy. For example, if a customer has been looking at wines for a little longer than usual, the retailer will be notified via the network and an employee can be sent to the customer with a hand-held tablet. Any questions the customer has regarding the wines such as pairing or any other information can be answered by that employee. And once the customer has made a selection, the employee can accept their credit card payment via a handheld reader and the customer can be on their way.


Mobility is no longer a convenient trend, it is the way forward for many businesses that need to improve customer experiences. Improved customer experiences means that you will be building long lasting customer relationships and at the end of the day, that is exactly what you want for your business.


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