Has your business had its security check up?

In the digital era the security health of your business should be a top priority, after all, leaked customer or company data could see your reputation spiralling down the drain.


One way to ensure that you have all bases covered when it comes to security is to find a partner that can assist you in testing the security of your business from both an external and internal penetration testing perspective.


From an external testing perspective you need to ensure that users outside of your organisation cannot access your company data or systems without credentials or the appropriate rights to access a system. You also need to ensure that you are getting the bang for your buck.


Have you seen a significant ROI of existing implemented security controls like firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems? Do you know the potential impact of a successful hack of your business? A security testing scenario could open your eyes to gaps in company data security.

Internally, it is vital to ensure that you are not at risk of threats within your business and that internal user privileges cannot be misused. Businesses can no longer depend on the first line of defence to prevent compromise as successful attacks may occur through a valid communication channel as a result of human error or a software defect in the perimeter.


By giving your business its “security check up” you can identify the impact of poor access controls and save on unnecessary or ineffective security solutions. It is vital to know where your business stands in terms of data security, especially as once the Protection of Personal Information Act is passed into law, you will have one year to comply.


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