Palo Alto - How to break the cyber attack lifecycle


Organisations with adequate security measures can break the six-step attack lifecycle at any stage to protect their network and data, while those that don’t have adequate measures in place are at the mercy of cyber criminals.

Gavin Coulthard, manager, engineering, Australia and New Zealand, Palo Alto Networks, said, “The cyber attack lifecycle refers to the procedure attackers use to infiltrate networks and extract data. Organisations need multiple threat prevention capabilities built into security platforms to protect them at every stage of the attack cycle.”

Palo Alto Networks has identified ways to break the cycle at each of the six stages to prevent a successful outcome for the attackers and maintain the integrity of your network:

1. Reconnaissance.
2. Weaponisation and delivery.
3. Exploitation.
4. Installation.
5. Command and control.
6. Actions on the objective.

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