Increased mobility means increased user needs


Gartner has predicted that this year, the continuous proliferation of mobile devices will create an increased emphasis on serving the needs of the mobile user in diverse contexts and environments, as opposed to focusing on devices alone.


Computing everywhere is fast-becoming a reality and businesses will need to support users no matter where they are working from or what they are working on, ensuring that the user experience is unaltered.


Phones and wearable devices are now part of an expanded computing environment, Gartner asserts. This new computing environment includes such things as consumer electronics and connected screens in the workplace and public space. The overall environment will need to adapt to the requirements of the mobile user and this will raise significant management challenges for IT organisations as they lose control of user endpoint devices. Attention to user experience design will also need to be magnified.


Computing everywhere is an opportunity for company growth and increased productivity but it is also going to require several other factors to be considered, including security, mobile business applications and staff mobile device or wearable device policies. In order to enjoy the benefits of this trend, companies need to start thinking about these factors sooner, rather than later.


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