IoT is one of 2016’s top tech trends

By Louise Taute, Comstor Director


It’s no surprise to me that the Internet of Things (IoT) architecture and platforms made it into Gartner’s “Top Ten Strategic Technology Trends for 2016”. The trends were announced in three categories: the digital mesh, smart machines and the new IT reality.


The IoT may not be new but Gartner experts have uncovered how the dynamic around its architecture and platforms – which forms part of the “new IT reality” category - will be changing in a way that will have the potential for significant impact on the organisation in 2016.


As more and more devices become connected, Gartner’s top tech trends for 2016 signal the “digital mesh”, a web in which smart machines will connect billions of things into a continuous digital experience. The IoT platforms will complement mesh app and service architecture according to Gartner. But what is an IoT platform? Simply put, an IoT platform is the work IT does behind the scenes from an architectural and technology standpoint to make the IoT a reality in an enterprise.


The management, security, integration and other technologies and standards of the IoT platform form the base set of capabilities for building, managing and securing elements in the IoT, so naturally you would want your IoT platform to be as strong as possible. At this stage, Gartner believes the providers of IoT platforms are fragmented and would benefit from “cobbling together a better ecosystem where data is shared more broadly”.


According to the research giant the IoT is best supported by integrated webs of solutions, which will also better serve IT departments. So what can local businesses do to make this a reality? Find the right products and partners to make the IoT work for them.


Cisco, can connect the unconnected with an open-standard, integrated architecture from the cloud to end devices with exceptional reliability and security. Through Cisco, your business will gain industry-specific solutions that can improve productivity and operational efficiency today, while laying the foundations for tomorrow’s IoT opportunities.


The Cisco IoT System will accelerate your transition to an intelligent, IoT-based infrastructure, help you to better secure your physical and digital assets and data and help you innovate by creating and deploying IoT applications from fog to cloud. With a broad portfolio of IoT infrastructure technologies that help you connect, manage and control previously unconnected devices, Cisco can provide all the resources you need to strengthen your IoT platform and architecture, so that you are on trend and thriving in 2016. 


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