Modernising mobile environments


By Kevin Norton, Mobility Solutions Director

With the ever growing number of mobile devices owned by individual consumers, it should be no surprise that 15 million computers have been sold and deployed since 2010. But it’s a shocking fact that 99% of those computers are on an Operating System that will no longer be supported by 2020.


What does that mean? That means that $12 billion worth of mobile computers will need to be refreshed over the next four years. It also means that there is a drastic call for the modernisation of mobile environments.


In modernising a mobile environment you will need to find a service provider that can provide you with end-to-end assistance on IT issues like modernising legacy applications to support the latest mobile operating systems and developing next generation mobility strategies. You cannot wait too long, or you will end up with mobile device hardware, operating systems, or CPU or WLAN connectivity that limits your ability to support your business and operational needs. You need an application services provider that can solve these issues for you.


As an example, Zebra supplies application services that allow customers and partners to future-proof their application development platform and be more productive by eliminating the need to troubleshoot third-party application support issues that cause unnecessary downtime and unproductivity. The hardware running business critical applications will be supported beyond 2020 with software application services covering the entire software lifecycle.


A portfolio of tools such as these will get customers on to next generation devices and redefine mobility strategies for those devices, operations systems, and business applications. This is the future of mobility. Selecting a partner with the right tool-set will take the pain out of modernising mobile environments while enabling maximising productivity, which is best for you and your business.


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