Netshield launches Data Centre in a Box

Local ICT developer and innovator Netshield has launched Data Centre in a Box, a self-contained IP 54-rated mobile unit that gives business the power to wheel in, plug and go an entire IT infrastructure that can be managed from a single IP address in minutes.
Netshield launches Data Centre in a BoxThe Netshield development team created the units to eliminate the need for the costly construction of data centres and distribution centres, and creates ease of use with a technology that enables the management of all services from a single IP address. With Data Centre in a Box, the complexity of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) fades into the background as users will gain access to a simple click-through interface in the form of a status dashboard summary of the exact alerts and statuses of a selected device. 

"The Data Centre in a Box completely rules out the need for companies to invest in scarce technical skills, large construction investments in server rooms and is preconfigured, which will save hours on configuration time. This unit is all about giving businesses a fast and low maintenance solution that enables employees to start working straight away," said Inus Dreckmeyr, CEO of Netshield. 

"We can tailor-fit the units with most of the major network product brands and services including routers, network switches, wireless APs, networking switches and cable structure patch panels available through our partner, WestconGroup Southern Africa, before shipping. The units are fully self-contained and house all the applicable services as would normally be installed in any other data centre." 

Specific requirements of the user

Devices are dependent on the specific requirements of the user and as such are scalable and come in varying sizes from 15U to 47U (67cm to 209cm) in height and 80cm, 100cm and 120cm in depth. 

Equipped with an air-conditioner, access control keypad, electronic locking, Netshield UPS, centre management and control device, temperature monitor, humidity monitor, flooding detection, as well as smoke, fire and flood detectors the unit protects company IT assets. The built-in fire extinguisher makes use of potassium nitrate ejectors that can be used without damaging the equipment or leaving a residue.

"This device is all about convenience and has 24/7 remote monitoring from a single IP address per cabinet for all service as well as emergency reporting and remote SMS control - like opening the door for select people. It's a product for businesses that crave a complete data centre solution but either can't afford or do not have the time to source the required IT skills necessary to develop one. 

"Statistical event reports can also be received via email. The Data Centre in a Box gives businesses the advantage of security and control on the go, which is absolutely an advantage in the mobile era," ends Dreckmeyr.

The Netshield Data Centre in a Box is available through all Netshield and Westcon resellers throughout the continent and can be customised to include technologies from more than 50 vendor partners from within the Westcon Group.


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