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For many video security professionals, openness is as important as reliability. And as physical security cements its presence on the network, customers are demanding open platforms and interoperability to enhance their solutions.
By defining and providing interoperability through industry standards, the development of strategic alliances and partnerships, and a growing suite of Pelco integration tools, Pelco by Schneider Electric is committed to an industry-leading approach to open systems design to deliver fully integrated video security solutions.
Across a range of product lines, we’re expanding interoperability with other manufacturers – from IP cameras and storage systems to video management software, recording systems and more – to make field integration of critical systems easy and worry-free. In fact, with several hundred partner companies, the Partner First program is delivering the advanced, integrated solutions that drive our industry forward.
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Pelco Partner First Program
Pelco is committed, more than ever, to delivering open and integrated solutions – to give customers the flexibility they need without sacrificing the system performance they demand. Check out the hundreds of manufacturers we work with to find the integrated solution for your next installation.
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