Pelco - Sarix Enhanced delivers high IQ with low bit rates

Pelco by Schneider Electric
Lighting is perhaps the most critical element in capturing quality images. Too much light creates washed out images; too little light creates unwanted shadows and dark areas. Often the technologies that IP cameras use to correct for lighting challenges result in higher bit rates and disk space requirements, consuming your network resources.
Sarix Enhanced cameras have tackled these challenges through advancements in SureVision™ 2.0 technology. Instead of depending on auto exposure or increasing the gain level to correct intense lighting fluctuations, SureVision 2.0 combines multiple exposures in a unique way to deliver the best possible image – no other competitor provides this simultaneous combination of performance in scenes that contain concurrent lighting challenges.
SureVision™ 2.0 Technology
Sarix Enhanced cameras with SureVision 2.0 deliver industry‐leading image quality with significantly lower bit rates, improved bandwidth, and an overall reduction of network resource consumption.
See a video SureVision 2.0 technology in action or read our White Paper on Managing Bit Rate Usage.
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