Pelco - Temperature Fluctuations Got You Out of Focus?


Focus issues often seem elementary but are a daily challenge in the world of video surveillance. A camera that is even slightly out of focus cripples its image quality and thus its ability to produce actionable evidence.

Security cameras must overcome environmental forces every day that are constantly working to degrade their focus. Temperature fluctuations are one of these challenges. Sarix Enhanced Range domes are one of the only security cameras in the industry that are engineered with patented temperature autofocus technology to ensure the clearest in-focus images possible, regardless of scene or environmental changes.

Patented Temperature Autofocus Technology

As temperature changes, the materials in security cameras expand or contract. These dimensional changes can alter the location of the focal plane of the image on the sensor. Pelco has determined that every 10⁰C/18⁰F alters the image quality sufficiently to require an autofocus cycle. Sarix Enhanced domes address this challenge by providing the option to automatically refocus for every 10⁰C/18⁰F change in temperature, up or down.

Sarix Enhanced domes also include a day/night autofocus option, a daily autofocus routine, and a manual autofocus option. All autofocus options are conveniently available through the web UI.

With tight budgets and limited camera counts it’s extremely important to get the very most out of every scene. Don’t let focus issues rob your system of image quality.

Learn more about making Sarix Enhanced Range cameras a critical part of your security infrastructure.

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