Pervasive analytics and context-rich systems


With the volume of data being generated by embedded systems and vast pools of structured and unstructured data in- and outside of the enterprise increasingly on the rise, analytics will take centre-stage in 2015.


This is according to Gartner and the company asserts that every app now needs to be an analytic app, organisations need to manage how best to filter the huge amounts of data coming from the IoT, social media and wearable devices. In addition to this, the right information needs to be delivered to the right person at the right time.


Gartner believes that analytics will become deeply, but invisibly embedded everywhere. Big data also remains an important enabler for this trend but the focus needs to shift to thinking about big questions and answers first, and big data second as the value is in the answers not in the data.


In addition to embedded analytics, embedded intelligence combined with pervasive analytics will drive the development of systems that are context rich, aware of their surroundings and able to respond appropriately. An early example of application of this is context-aware security and Gartner believes that more are set to emerge. Context-rich systems will allow applications to understand user requests in-depth and adjust responses accordingly, greatly simplifying an increasingly complex computing world.


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