Privacy is a value proposition for the modern customer

Privacy is a value proposition for the modern customer


Andrew Potgieter, security solutions director at Westcon-Comstor Southern Africa


How many people do you know that have security software that they pay for, installed on their mobile devices? Not that many? Doesn’t it put into perspective how many people have up until now not really cared about personal security?


As a recent report from Forrester Research points out “…about 5% of the population really care about privacy and even less would change behaviour based on privacy risk. Companies prioritised accordingly, putting in privacy policies as a matter of legal hygiene.”


But this is not the way that companies – or customers - look at security anymore. We are used to seeing hacks, security breaches and “socially devastating privacy incidents” splashed all over the press. Customers see this too, and are now willing to be more loyal to the companies that fiercely protect their information and their privacy.


What this translates to is that companies need to leverage privacy and security in its raw form, namely a value proposition for customers that are petrified of sharing personal information. As Forrester has pointed out, leading companies have “…broadened the topic of privacy from a legal/risk question to a marketing goal.”


Stealth privacy will not really win the hearts and minds of your customer’s clients – so you need to be able to quantify and demonstrate the benefits of implementing privacy policies and the risk of not. Sure you can make money by just selling bolted on security solutions that “enable” privacy – but the real money spinner is the vehement protection of a customer’s corporate and user assets by developing solutions that speak right through the security value chain.


Remember, security no long starts at the network firewall, and the endpoint itself has dramatically changed. You need to adapt your thinking of security as a line item, to it being an all-inclusive bigger picture strategy that even includes that mobile phone, only then can you deliver true customer-centric security that is purpose built for each and every eventuality.


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