Public sector modernisation for the mobile era

By Thapelo Rapetswa, Government and Service Provider business Director at Westcon-Comstor Southern Africa

Some government services have already become digital, take for example the option for South Africans to apply for their Smart ID cards and passports online through eHomeAffairs. But there is still a need for public sector organisations to speed up the process of modernisation for mobile, especially considering that many South Africans rely solely on their mobile devices for Internet access.

According to many government sites (globally) have already taken the basic step of making websites mobile but have yet to make essential website functions and transactions mobile-friendly. Perhaps the reason for this is the time required for the careful planning and execution of modernising website functions.

Changing the forms and information collection functions of a website to a mobile-enabled platform is a more complex process than just optimising a website’s surface information for mobile consumption. Even in the private sector, many organisations are still using paper forms to complete the most basic of tasks so it’s unsurprising that mobile transformation is a challenge for the public sector.

But these departments need to rise up to that challenge and make the necessary mobile adaptions to deliver people the functional benefits that they need. It’s time for government agencies to modernise their most-needed services online and across all devices.

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