Quantum Break Review

Reviewed Platform – Xbox One

Available Platforms – Windows 10, Xbox One

Time is indeed a delicate commodity, its ostensive enough in revealing the implications throughout not only one timeline but in a rather precarious manner towards individuals across several sections of time.

Quantum Break dwells about a fracture in time and the fallacies of the inevitable yet simultaneously about finding solace in revenge by pursuing the end without question. Taking cues from science fiction culture the vision of such a time cracking event sends players through a well concocted story – considering its make up is more than gameplay elements but a wholesome effort combining clues scattered along the linear path the player traverses, the TV shows interweaved between the chapters, and the elaborate concept of time travel’s philosophies.

Remedy’s game is truly dazzling in its execution and delivery with enough to peak one’s interest and infused with science fiction panache without – excuse the pun – wasting too much of your time. Obtaining an unbiased view of the overall compromise on what Quantum Break delivers could be one sided as the game carries relevant weight behind it once players delve through an initial underwhelming half-an-hour of gameplay, to proceed and experience a well narrated plot leading to its timeous conclusion. Much has been made about the mashup of the TV show sections and the game’s plot from the onset of the game’s reveal. The factual link between the two is competent; the visual fidelity of the characters across the two aspects is impressive and fitting. Following the TV show content can lighten the perception of the plot but is not critical to miss anything vital and is skippable as well.

Stop – Hammer Time

The game follows the path of Jack Joyce and to a degree Paul Serene – the antagonist to blame for the fracture in time due to his ability to see the future and thus partake in making the choices in the present. A capable secondary cast defined by an elegant talent pool is commendable in offering solid support to the delivery of the story – well constructed characters such as Jack’s brother and a lady whose past and future severely impact the plot intricately shift the balance of the story.

Jack Joyce is able to stop time temporarily after being exposed to time’s ripples and stutters. His manipulation of progressive powers as the story expands allow players to  blast enemies aside , create defensive time bubbles to absorb bullets, and  dash to enemies whilst freezing time. Each time power can be upgraded to enable the effects to last longer or to reduce their cooldown.

The use of the time powers in combat is a visual feast of timeous delight as chaining sequential powers in a brew of time-stopping explosive-cascading abominations allows players to unleash chaos upon foes in his path. Jack will almost always be handling enemies single handed and making use of the time powers to turn unfair odds to his favour. Beyond use in combat there are time manipulation puzzles within the environment that require such powers to be put into use.

The story segments take place across a variety of locales related to the TV show content and intricately tied to them from a design aspect. Such elements are noteworthy as they add immersion to the experience and showcase attention to the game flow from the developers. Enemies and plot elements are set around such areas as well as a wealth of collectibles expanding the overall complicacy of the plot and shedding clues to the overall larger plot elements.

A couple of niggly points within the otherwise eloquent content is perhaps the discrepancy of the TV show content. Players with speedy connections can avoid the 75GB download total for the episodes and stream the content throughout the game’s five chapters. Other not so fortunate players can afford to skip the TV shows and attempt to gather the missed content from the gameplay content. The initial section of the game feels underwhelming until exposure to the time powers and the expansion of the plot elevates the crescendo of the action to its best levels.


Remedy has delivered a solid narrative driven plot with elaborate time powers fizzling with crisp visuals and spectacular audio effects. Top notch acting supplemented by highly touted facial capture techniques deliver life-like actors to your laborious time-fixing journey. Adhering to the ground rules of time travel from science fiction literature and exhuming powerful combat combinations of “time powers” players can marvel at experiencing a believable story set within a gorgeous presentation.




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