SDN of the future


Software-defined networking (SDN) is a hot topic. This is according to a recent research report from Avaya, in which results of the company’s independent research among IT professionals globally, about SDN and its future in their organisation, was outlined. 


The key findings of the research included:


-       The top three problem areas for companies are service configuration (83%), application performance (82%) and network management (63%).

-       These areas are also where most people expect SDN to provide solutions.

-       97% expect SDN to solve at least one of their specific network problems.

-       94% are at the very least currently researching SDN.

-       29% already have SDN in production in parts of their network (21%) or across their entire network (8%).

-       70% of C- / VP-level respondents think it is extremely important that SDN models are able to extend beyond the data centre.

-       93% of people feel today’s SDN models are actually limited in this respect, including 81% of those who have put it in production across their entire network.

-       88% expect to fully deploy SDN into production at some stage - on average, this will be in 1.6 years’ time.

-       80% say SDN programming has to be simple if they are to adopt - but one in four (25%) is being held back from adoption because they feel SDN is too complicated.


Regardless of whether or not your organisation has started implementing SDN, you should be aware that it will be expanding in coming years. Indeed, according to Avaya’s research, the more a company has explored and experienced SDN, the wider variety of network models they have chosen or would choose to implement SDN on.


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