Sony ip cameras secure roulette games in Germany

Sony ip cameras secure roulette games in Germany
Sony security cameras play an important part in the new monitoring system designed specifically for casino roulette tables developed by Stuttgart-based installer and certified Sony Gold partner BHS Böhm.


BHS Böhm is a casino equipment manufacturer based in Stuttgart, Germany that provide casinos with a secure solution to prevent theft, fraudulent behaviour and payment disputes within the casino environment. With almost 20 years of experience, BHS Böhm aims to push for security and fun with tailor-made requirements for each customer; from Blackjack to Roulette, there’s a solution for any type of game. 

These systems help to eliminate any criminal activity on the tables and gives customers’ the peace of mind. BHS Böhm puts an emphasis on building all of its own systems on a continuous basis, in order to keep up with the evolving technological landscape.


The intelligent PEye Table Management System, developed by BHS Böhm, has been on the market since 2007 and an update to the system was desired – one that could accurately detect the timing and results of a roulette spin. From the speed of the ball to predicting where it would fall, every facet of the game’s process needed to be meticulously monitored in order to ensure legitimacy of play. 

The PEye system is an integration of hardware and software, so versatility and application were two factors that needed to be considered when choosing an image acquisition solution, as this would need to be integrated into the new Roulette Table Monitoring System.

Sony Solution

The ISS table is a new addition to the intelligent PEye table management system. The combined hardware and software solution takes just a fraction of a second to determine the number which the ball lands on in the roulette wheel, thanks to a Sony SNC-VB600 fixed-camera. This is combined with the high-resolution Sony SNC-EP580 PTZ camera at the heart of
the ISS table solution, which captures every chip, note exchange or cash box withdrawal.

The video management system then transmits a signal to the Sony SNC-EP580 PTZ camera, which uses its powerful pan-tilt-zoom functionality and 20x optical zoom to
reliably and quickly send the winning number to the billboard display. 

Thanks to the Full HD picture quality (1080p), the camera can capture a high-quality, close-up image of all chips, thus preventing payment disputes. The camera’s high image resolution makes it possible to easily identify how many chips are stacked on top of each other. The integrated Exmor™ CMOS sensor also provides an excellent level of detail with minimum noise.


The solution has the ability to enable casino operators and the responsible financial authorities to obtain detailed documentation. The PTZ camera monitors all activities on the game tables, such as money exchanges, cash box withdrawals, roulette results as well as the table doors opening and closing. The system saves tamper-proof reports with picture evidence and supporting information about all of these activities.

The ISS table is already in use in certain casinos in Northern Germany.

Why Sony Was Selected


It was important that a system capable of monitoring the sporadic, unpredictable movement of a roulette ball was used so a highly accurate and reliable imaging solution would be essential for this goal to be achieved.


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