Staying updated on the latest threats

Andrew Potgieter, security solutions director at Westcon-Comstor Southern Africa

Chances are, that if a criminal wants to get into your business, they will. At least if you are physically robbed, there may be video footage, or fingerprints and clumsy clues left behind. But in 2016, what you should really be focusing on preventing is a cybercriminal’s access to your business and its data because this type of criminal is evasive and is finding increasingly intelligent ways to target businesses.

So I would say that education around threats – and I mean continual education – and the actions of hackers should be at the top of your business’s security to do list. Because attacks don’t just come as malicious email attachments anymore.

Cybercriminals will choose to target your business because they know that you have something valuable for them or because they know that they can leverage a hack of your data to get a large pay cheque from you. Once the decision to target your business has been made, there is little that can be done to stop them, as we have seen as we watched large companies and organisations like Sony and the US Office of Personnel become subject to hacks.

Think about Anonymous, an international network of hacktivists that have made it known that they can get to pretty much anyone. What makes you think a hacker with malicious intentions is any less powerful? No amount of enterprise or user security will save you from them – unless it is kept up to date and relevant.

So yes, once you’ve rigged your business with security cameras, electric fences and security gates, the next – if not more important – aspect you need to focus on is securing your business’s data from the clutches of cybercriminals. Through education, and with the right partners in cybersecurity, you can definitely make it happen. Think of it less as the barbwire of old that can be cut – but rather like the James Bond type laser beams of new…

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