The face of the data centre in a Bimodal world

In today’s world, the data centre is becoming increasingly important, because it holds together the infrastructure and forms the fabric of a business. But in Gartner’s mode of Bimodal IT, it is essential for business to adopt a new approach to the data centre if it wants to have a hope of keeping the lights on, while simultaneously innovating, which is really what Bimodal IT calls for.


Without taking a new approach to your data centre you won’t be able to innovate. Your infrastructure department needs to make sure that your data centre is able to provide the SAN, the networking capabilities and the delivery mechanisms needed in order to enable development operations environments that will allow you to innovate, such as developing customer-centric applications that touch not only the business, but the end customer as well.


So, what this ultimately means is that the Software-defined Data Centre (SDDC) and Software-defined Networking (SDN) are essential aspects of the new age data centre and in fact, form critical platforms that IT departments can leverage to do more with less.


The ability to deliver the processes and services your customers want in a more agile way is exactly what you should be depending on the modern data centre for, and the SDDC and SDN will ensure that this happens by giving IT departments the stability to keep the lights on, while also providing the flexibility that forms the basis for innovation. 


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