The IT services CIOs can’t afford to skimp on in 2016

By Hanle Carver, Director Services at Westcongroup Southern Africa

IT Services. There are many, some that are quintessential to keeping a business running like a well-oiled machine, and then there are others that CIOs can afford to spend a little less on, or even scrap completely as IT heads toward a digital-first world. So which services do CIOs need to plan for in their 2016 budgets?


Cloud services

If cloud was the future last year, it is even more so now. We are all headed toward living and doing business in a digital-first world and without cloud, that’s not going to be possible. The ever-increasing amount of connections that need management as well as the endless growth of the amount of data being produced in businesses means that CIOs definitely need to reserve budget for cloud services.


Digital transformation

Businesses all over the world are turning toward the next big transformation and that is becoming digital. But as someone who is always so close to the business the CIO may not be able to identify the gaps that need closing to get the company from where it’s at to where it needs to be, to become truly digital. This is where digital transformation services come in.


Using these services doesn’t mean that IT doesn’t know what they’re doing, it means they are willing to do whatever it takes, to learn and grow so that the enterprise can continue to grow too.


Managed services

Health checks, post-sales support, training. These are things that every business needs, but often fall lower down the CIO’s list of priorities as new issues are presented every day, which is why it’s so important to budget for managed services. With us at Westcon-Comstor for example, these things would become our responsibility, as we work as an extension of a business’s team.


Support services

Support services that are tailored to fit a business’s needs are an intelligent investment, so CIOs need to ensure to keep a spot for them in their 2016 budgets. They can’t plan for everything that may go wrong during the year but if they invest in support services they’ll always have a safety net. Our technical support for example, gives IT the ability to deliver proactive support with monitoring and managing capabilities for network or/ and security devices, so that it has a little less to worry about.


No-one knows what services a business’s IT department can’t survive without better than the CIO. So it is up to them to ensure that there’s money in the piggy bank to ensure that IT has those services available to it in 2016.




Customer Service Team