The new face of IT services

By Hanle Carver, Director Services at Westcon Southern Africa


As companies and individuals make predictions about processes and trends that will define the following year, it is easy to let the services that will be needed to support these changes fall beneath the radar. But it is those services that will make or break business transformation in 2016, and the need for transformation in business that will drive an increased need for value-added services in the year ahead.


Business will continue to embrace trends like the Internet of Things (IoT), Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and software-defined everything, which increases the need for services to evolve in order to provide real value to the changing business. Vendor training will need to be refreshed because current and future product releases will deem prior training irrelevant. There will also be an increase in the need for intelligent “smart services” as businesses make the shift to becoming more intelligent with “smart processes”.


Our job, is to provide the support that our vendors and customers need, no matter where they are on the transformation ladder. Whether a business is fully migrated to cloud, or  is just beginning the cloud journey, whether it is bullet proof from a security point of view, or needs a few tips, the WestconGroup Services Solutions team is here with the support it needs.


Our managed services are a true value-add to your business helping you to ensure that business continues to flourish in 2016. From a security point of view, to outsourcing of skills, application performance management, competitive product analysis to pre-deployment analysis, we have it all.


WestconGroup’s support services are a promise that you will never be left hanging. Our support services are guaranteed to fit your client’s IT, giving you the power to deliver proactive support with monitoring and managing capabilities for network and security devices.


Then of course, we are still fully committed to assisting at all stages of a project which is why our design services provide you a trained product team from WestconGroup that will work with you in pre-sales design, planning and project design. Our services team will also assist with installations and post-sales support, drawing from our dedicated technical and sales teams across multiples vendor portfolios.


So while your business may be under pressure to change in 2016, our services and the support they provide will remain the same. Isn’t it nice to know that not everything has to change? 



Customer Service Team