Will the cloud have an effect on IT services?


By Hanle Carver, Director Services 

In short? Absolutely. The cloud is not just turning technology on its head but it is changing the very way we engage with customers. But this is not a bad thing if you are a service-centric company – it is in fact a huge opportunity.


Remember with the cloud comes the need to better manage workloads and business processes for your customers. The base premise of the cloud is “outsourcing” more and “owning” less. This is the perfect catalyst for developing a value-centric service based business.


But before we take an external approach lets look at what the direct internal effect on your business is. Ask yourself – does my business have the cloud skills on board to manage a customers cloud environment – do my people understand and can they execute on cloud technologies provided by the vendors we use. If not you need to upskill quickly.


Remember the cloud moves quickly and it levels the playing fields for more innovative companies to launch new businesses that are “born in the cloud”. You may not have been born in the cloud but you do understand business and you do understand your customer’s business. The value you can add is insurmountable – but get your skills up to scratch and do it today.


Externally the value you provide your customer is also going to change. In a sense you may find that you are becoming a managed services partner for your customer as a result of rapid cloud deployment. Again this is an opportunity for you. But if you don’t have the skills on board to deliver on this – don’t panic – partner. Select a partner who doesn’t need to walk into your customer’s site with their name badges on, but are willing to act as an extension of your team.


While the list of things you can do to gear yourself as a cloud business is endless – remember you need to start somewhere first. So once you have defined your cloud model, skill up and scale up, then you can start unpacking the exact value your customers need.


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