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Digital Logistics is our new web-based transactional procurement and engagement system that gives you the ability to seamlessly select, configure, procure and deliver a multitude of vendor technologies to your end-user customers from anywhere and at any time.

For example, if you need to renew, select, or otherwise update your customer’s Microsoft licenses, you can do it online via Digital Logistics.

As you gathered from that example, Microsoft CSP is our first vendor participant in this programme, but rest assured it’s not the only one. As you read this, we are busy integrating the procurement engines of multiple additional vendors to expand the number of solutions available on this platform. Soon you’ll be able to select, configure, and itemise options for an array of products and value-added services that include level 1 and level 2 support, billed monthly.

What’s more is the solution is a global one that has the backing of our parent company and is already changing the way resellers transact in countries around the globe.

To sum up then, thanks to Digital Logistics, the full power and flexibility of online, anywhere, anytime selection, procurement and delivery of solutions to your end-user customers is now yours for the taking.

Save hours in your day
Complete your distribution transactions without having to pick up the phone and engage with a distribution agent to do so
Take your customer service to the next level

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