Westcon Security Solutions

Our Westcon Security Solutions business practice provides a range of category-leading products, technologies and solutions that are designed to protect your customer’s business and data from threats inside and outside of their organisation.


Today security is a critical component of businesses and is one of the most diverse industries, covering legal compliance issues, data protection, intrusion detection, physical security and much more. With this in mind and in order to meet with your customer’s express needs, Westcon Security Solutions is made up of both our Electronic Security Solutions and Network Security Solutions divisions.


Electronic Security Solutions

Formerly known as Sentronics, our Electronic Security Division offers fully integrated, end-to-end enterprise solutions by way of a single management platform. Our range of offerings include products such as CCTV solutions that are made up of cameras, recording, optics and associated accessories; access control hardware; and storage solutions; all of which are inclusive of hardware and software offerings.


Network Security Solutions

The network division of Westcon Security Solutions provides our resellers the flexibility of selecting standalone security products right through to fully-fledged enterprise security solutions. Our offerings include data protection, network intrusion detection, firewalls, data encryption, patch management, end point security, network security and management solutions. Furthermore, we also offer our resellers access to services such as network readiness testing and vendor accredited sales and technical training all of which will enable you to expand their security portfolio.

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