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Fujitsu - Thin Clients for Demanding Customers

The success of virtualisation has reshaped IT environments as much as it has business processes.

Mobile workforces and their new found flexibility have also impacted IT departments’ purchasing behaviour and recent research from IDC shows that thin clients already make up the majority of desktop devices in large organisations.

Demand is particularly high in sectors like financial services, healthcare, retail, engineering and public services, all famous for using advanced applications not normally found on these platforms. These customers are also the most likely to deploy complex solutions like Unified Communications & Collaboration, requiring even more powerful devices with outstanding manageability and reliable operating systems to deliver a rich and smooth user experience.

To meet these requirements, Fujitsu developed a new line of flexible FUTRO thin clients – the S520, S720 and S920. Equipped with dual- or quad-core CPUs and a wide variety of interfaces, they provide all the hardware capabilities needed and more for the demanding, complex scenarios described.

All three support the modular, malware-proof eLux operating system as well as Windows Embedded Standard 7 (WES 7), and each is managed via Scout Enterprise, the highly efficient administration tool for an unlimited amount of devices.

Additionally, WES 7-based FUTRO thin clients can be alternatively managed with Microsoft SCCM. In short, the new FUTRO thin clients combine excellent performance, best-in-class connectivity and flexibility, ease of management, and security by design – all at a fraction of the price charged for standard desktop PCs.

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