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Honeywell’s Scanning and Mobility business has been one of the major driving forces behind its growing sales to the industrial sector. The business offers mobile computers and scanners such as barcode scanners and radio frequency identification scanners, that help collect image, laser and voice-based data.

Honeywell acquired Intermec, a leading provider of mobile computing equipment, radio frequency identification scanners and tags, bar code scanners, and printers. through Intermec’s vast product line.

Most recently, Honeywell acquired Datamax-O’Neil, a manufacturer of fixed and mobile printers.

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With these acquisition, Honeywell has been able to significantly increase its market share and revenue in the scanning and mobility industry.


These devices help in automatically, efficiently and accurately capturing data, and are mostly used in industries such as healthcare, retail, transportation and package delivery. Companies in these industries are increasingly adopting such products since they help increase productivity by removing the need to manually capture data, which is often a slow process and prone to human error.



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